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This Agreement is made by and between CallOne Consultants Pvt. Ltd. which does business as CallOne and operates as a telemarketing/virtual assistance company; and you, the Company who wishes to use CallOne (“Buyer,” “Advertiser,” “You,” or “Insurance Company”). In consideration of the mutual promises and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereby agree to the following:

Acceptance of Terms – Read Carefully.

By accessing or using the services offered herein, or by clicking on “Create Account” button or by signing or e-signing you signify your assent to these Terms, and agree to be legally bound by this CallOne Terms of Service (the “Agreement”). If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, do not access or use the services, as you are not permitted to do so.

The Terms of this Agreement may be revised from time to time by CallOne with a proper notice. Client’s continued use of the CallOne shall serve as Client’s acceptance of the applicable terms set forth in this Agreement, including any future changes hereto.

CallOne is a dedicated telemarketing/virtual assistant firm that provides your business with dedicated telemarketer(s)/virtual assistant to help you market your product/service to your potential customers by means of telemarketing. We do not engage in list sourcing and depend on our clients to provide us with a properly scrubbed list against state, federal and company do not call list. It is solely Client’s responsibility to ensure all the DNC records are removed along the litigators and CallOne does not take any responsibility for actions arising due to non compliance. Client is required to stay updated with local state and federal laws and STOP the telemarketing program during any State Emergency, Federal Emergency or No Solicit State, The client agrees to adhere to all these guidelines, laws and regulations(State & Federal) indemnifies CallOne of any harm or losses arising due to non compliance.

Dialling Platform/Phone System

Client is required to provide their phone system or sign up with partner calling platforms to enable the team at CallOne to make calls on behalf of their business. It is solely Client’s duty to ensure the dialling platform and the methods used in dialling out prospective customers are in compliance with all state, federal laws and company’s regulations.


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