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Accelerating Growth with Trained Virtual Reps!

Experience the Power of Professional Reps, Lead Generation and Live Transfer Services to Boost Your Sales with CallOne’s Affordable Prices and Over 15 Years of Industry Expertise.

Scale your business the elegant way

With CallOne Consultants scale your business the right way. It’s very important to find the balance when you create your team.

Closing Deals, Staying Compliant

At CallOne Consultants, we prioritize both closing more deals and staying compliant with local laws.

Sharing Expertise, Building Relationships

We aim to provide excellent virtual sales services while maintaining a human touch. Trust us to meet your needs in a personalized and professional manner.

Our Services

Your guide to navigate what’s next

As a business owner your goal is always to generate new business while staying cost effective and we provide you solutions to achieve that goal.

Voice & Accent



Data Analytics

Do Things A Bit Differently

Quickly change your customer acquisition process and bring cost effective and efficient methods to work.

How you benefit


We have a team of skilled and trained in house Virtual reps who work for you round the clock to provide you the sales and service support your business need 24*7. CallOne offers multilingual sales and service support staff that help your business grow beyond language barrier. We are your perfect partner when it comes to reducing your employee cost while improving your team’s performance.

Data Analytics


Phone Sales is tough job but with proper tools and attention to details we could reduce your stress and focus more on target areas and lists. Our team helps you focus on the performing lists while removing all bad numbers from the system to optimize your team’s performance. Our data team provides you with a daily, weekly and monthly reports and insights to allow you understand the data response.

Trained Virtual Reps


With over 15 years of experience in Sales and Service, We at Callone understand the importance of having skilled, trained and professional team representing your business in the right manner. Our hiring process is extremely strict keeping in the mind the KRA’s from our clients. Each representative we hire is vetted based on great communication skills, passion for the work and a basic understanding of the business.

Exceptional Service


We value your relationship with CallOne as much as you value your relationship with your clients and leave no stone unturned to keep the clients happy. Our team at CallOne Consultants is comprised of sales reps, floor managers, accounts manager and senior support team. You will have a highly responsive team always available to respond to your questions and queries during normal business hours.

The Best Source of More Closed Deals is Calling your Clients!

Find The Ultimate Virtual Reps for Your Business

At CallOne Consultants, we offer an aggressive sales team that empowers your office by providing subject matter expertise and experience on the products and services they are calling. Our team is trained in Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate and Banking, and can provide lead generation and service support to small, medium, and large businesses.

We coach our Sales Reps on various aspects of phone sales, including pitching, rate of speech, and active listening skills. Our sales reps are trained to represent your business in a courteous and professional manner, and we take pride in delivering excellent service to our clients.

Choose CallOne Consultants to empower your sales team with a combination of passionate sales rep who have subject matter expertise and experience, and are trained to deliver courteous and professional service to your customers.

Our Process

Our Three Basic Pillars

We help you with not just picking out the best reps in your category but also enabling your current system with more information on dialing techniques by merging data analytics, compliance and best practices.


Our team is quick to review…


We transform your business from the…


We re-define your lead generation strategy…

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Do Things A Bit Differently

Quickly change your customer acquisition process and bring cost effective and efficient methods to work.

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    We are a reliable and fast-growing VAs for hire company that work with clients from all across the globe providing them with professional services.

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