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As a business owner your goal is always to generate new business while staying cost effective and we provide you solutions to achieve that goal.

No Contracts

We have a team of over 300+ in house sales reps who work on a fix payroll along with other temp staff with monthly contracts. If you are willing to hire someone for a longer period we at CallOne Consultants can provide you with a fix team in a more cost effective way however if you do not want any contracts CallOne consultants has set of experienced sales reps willing to work on month to month basis.

Weekend Availability

We at CallOne Consultants put you ahead in the game with our weekend availability option which is available on special request. You are now reaching out to more people on the days you have better chances of getting them and more importantly when your competitors are not even working those numbers increasing your chances of contacting them along with cutting the competition you face while dialling those data leads that are being called by ton of companies altogether.

Data Analytics

Phone Sales is tough job but with proper tools and attention to details we at Callone Consultants could reduce your stress and focus more on target areas and lists. Our team provides you with a daily, weekly and monthly call reports and insights to allow you understand the data response on what’s working and what’s not. You can now remove the non responsive lists and records. We at Callone Consultants help our clients with data cleaning, record keeping, follow up and cross selling.

Exceptional Service

Our team at CallOne Consultants is comprised of sales reps, floor managers, accounts manager and senior support team. You will have a highly responsive team always available to respond to your questions and queries during normal business hours. We work during your office hours and go for lunch when your team is out keeping everyone in sync. Our response rate is 100% and during normal business hours our response time is 15 minutes after receiving your request.

No Hiring/Firing Issues

At CallOne Consultants our program is designed to help you eliminate the hiring/firing, training, supervision, payroll and payroll tax issues and focus on closing more deals. CallOne Consultants provides you with a trained sales staff with one single payment and no contracts leaving you with peace of mind. The program is not just able to provide you with a sales staff stress free but also reduce your cost of operation and cost of acquisition of new business.

Trained Professional Phone Reps

With over 15 years of experience in Sales we at Callone Consultants understand the importance of having skilled, trained and professional sales reps who will represent your brand and office. Our team has good knowledge about the challenges and objections one face while making calls for various products including insurance, mortgage, real estate etc. If you have a script and want to reach out to a large audience let the team at CallOne consultants go to work for you.


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We are a reliable and fast-growing VAs for hire company that work with clients from all across the globe providing them with professional services.

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