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January 10, 2023by CallOne0

CallOne is a dedicated telemarketing for hire firm that helps you generate more business opportunities by representing your business in a professional and courteous manner. We work with business owners across the globe representing their office and handling the cold calling, lead generation and live transfer process. Our team is made of experts who have been in the telemarketing industry for over 17 years and have stellar knowledge of telemarketing techniques and sales with ground experience on handling customer’s objections and queries. We have tailor made scripts on various campaigns and practised them for years and made necessary tweaks to come up with a final script that really works!

CallOne is the only telemarketing company that takes pride in core Sales position and proudly takes on clients who need help with lead generation, opportunity generation and first step towards selling. We help clients understand telemarketing as an entire vertical and not just relating the service in general with just the telemarketer. When we talk about telemarketing we need to understand it’s a combination of things including the telemarketer, quality of data, contact rate, script, ability to listen to clients, tone of the pitch and knowledge about the product/services. It’s important that we train the telemarketers with the kind of approach they should be taking when reaching out to clients. We at CallOne understand that and have put together a plan that really works when it comes to reaching out to clients at the most responsive time. We have an in-house dedicated team that consistently works on coaching our team of telemarketers on best practices for sales and lead generation neutral accent, product knowledge and industry standards. We have a young team who is passionate about the job and that passion shows on every call. Our dialling platform and our call sheets are worked in a way that allows the telemarketers to dial every number at different times to find out the connectivity and dispose of the non responsive numbers. This practice helps clients to clean their calling lists by removing the non responsive numbers and avoid wasting resources on them.

Our telemarketers at CallOne have a neutral accent and good communication skills. We target various markets and have experienced the best response while talking to clients in a neutral accent. The most common issue usually with telemarketing is how the telemarketer handles the objections and rejection and we train our team to overcome such objections and rejections in various ways. The most common objection we came across is heavy foreign accent, lack of knowledge about product/service and a wrong approach. With years of experience we are able to pitch with the right approach backed with educated and trained telemarketers. Our experts started their journey in 2005 with Banking/Residential mortgage industry and gradually moved into different verticals including Insurance, Real Estate, Automatives, Retail, Food Industry and others to list a few. The verticals our team is most experienced in is Mortgage Banking and Insurance and working with captive agents gave us a pretty good insight on how each carrier operates and understand their strengths and weaknesses. As we move into the new year we are swiftly making a transition into the independent side of the business for insurance verticals to explore.

The idea behind incorporating CallOne was to provide clients with a resource at their doorstep without having to worry about hiring, training, supervision, payroll and payroll taxes and provide them a consolidated service at extremely cost effective price. The other differentiator is the volume of calls which quadrupole when team CallOne is at work for you. Our trained telemarketers make about 400-500 calls manually on an average as compared to an average of 80-100 calls made by in-house telemarketers on client location. Another aspect of this is that it helps clients to shift their focus completely on sales rather than focussing on lead generation, data management and data analytics.

Data Analytics is one very important aspect of telemarketing which is also a key instrument in designing a successful telemarketing campaign. Imagine constantly working on a list that doesn’t have any connectivity? We focus on working on data analytics as it tells us the part of the list that is performing and the one that is constantly unreachable. With the reports we generate we help our clients who use multiple lead sources understand which lead source is working well and which needs to be changed. The algorithm we use on our dialling platform dials out each number at different times of the day to find out the probability of connecting.

We would like to connect every small and medium size business with our technology to help them generate more business while not having them worry about making lead generation a day to day work for their business. If you or someone you know needs help with telemarketing, Call us now at (833) 366-5526!

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