Company Overview

We collaborate with you to improve, transform or automate your operations and optimize key capabilities and value streams to achieve desired business outcomes.

Company Overview

CALLONE adopts a consultative and aggressive sales strategy that drives exceptional sales and ensures outstanding customer satisfaction and exceptional results.

We are a reliable and fast-growing outsourcing human resource company that works with clients, providing them professional services of virtual employees who would work for our clients from our production offices in India towards lead generation, upselling products, data enrichment, direct email marketing, backend processing, market research and appointment setting with aim of helping businesses grow and reach their business goals. We offer professional support for inbound call handling and response marketing, social media management, data entry, email marketing and survey work. Irrespective of the size of your business we can add value to your brand. We offer flexible and individual pricing plans guaranteed to fit your business.

We are a large call centre with a local touch with expertise in providing personalised services.

Reliable outsourced customer support call centre:

  • Dedicated telemarketing professionals
  • Reliable and fast-growing and offer great support.
  • Partner with sales team to deliver customers at-scale.

Message from the CEO

We all want to be successful in any organization that we choose to work with. The key to success is a mutually beneficial long term partnership between the stakeholders. Our goal at CALL ONE is to provide excellent telemarketing services for sales, lead generation and support to clients in various industries who are small and medium size business owners, and find it hard in today’s life to hire an in-house expensive staff and handle their payroll and other costs. We strongly believe that every individual is made for a task and over the years we have made a team which has extensive knowledge of telemarketing and sales. Whereas on one hand we want to take the stress away from clients of hiring, firing, training, supervision, payroll and payroll taxes and monitoring, and provide these business owners with trained professionals without any of the stress and empowering them to do what they do best and allow us to do their inbound calls, outbound sales and lead generation activities.

At CALL ONE we want to develop great relations with customers we work with and be a long-time partner for their official needs and requirements. We always approach each client with a goal of helping them solve a problem or help them achieve exceptional sales target. Our state of art infrastructure and technology is such that our employees have a hassle free calling and delivering outputs which is a must in this industry. We are pretty accustomed to hearing a lot of no’s and rejections and our team is having a high adaptably rate in handling rejections. We do not treat our clients as mere accounts. We treat them as a relationship that we have developed and we want to cherish for a long period of time.

We have been providing relentless services to our clients for over a decade now and our key to success is to focus on continuous improvement, process streamlining, and, a consultative approach to outsourcing where the main objective is to help exceed the expectation of our clients for them to grow with us.

As a recognized American call center provider, Call One Consultant is dedicated to provide quality services to international Small-To-Medium Sized Enterprises in all the major and emerging markets. We are considered more of a generalist BPO company that specializes in adapting a process improvement mentality to the outsourcing process of our clients.

Since our inception in 2020, we have remained steadfast to our commitment to the needs of our clients. This explains why we have earned the respect and loyalty of our business clients because of our ‘hands-on’ approach and responsiveness to change.

Under our CSR activities we are dedicated to empower the youth in every way by providing them an opportunity of overall growth and development. Our focus is to empower youth from the rural areas. We provide employment to all those people who are untouched by other corporates or have no access to quality jobs and thereby better standard of living.

We’re confident that you’ll find the right partner through us.


A management graduate from Symbiosis Kshitiz has an overall experience of 17 years in the field of Sales & Marketing in the Banking & Insurance sector. He completed his Loan Origination Licensing from Allied First Savings Bank and has a diverse experience of working both locally and globally and captures the knowhow of both the US and Indian market.